Thursday, July 15, 2010

Review of the Simply Elegant Platinum Wedding Expo July 11. 2010

Hello my fellow brides-to be!

So over the weekend I attended the Simply Elegant Platinum Wedding Expo at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, MA and it was unbelievable experience! At first things did not start on the right foot, when myself along with my maid of honor Steph and my bridesmaid Veronica got to the wedding expo. It took us about 15 minutes just to find the Seaport World Trade Center, we ended up going to the Seaport Hotel by mistake and then when we got to the Seaport World Trade we were on the wrong floor of the building. Finally though we made it to the registration booth and received our goodie bags from, which included a "diamond" ring.

We were greeted at the front door by a beautiful ice sculpture and a big sign welcoming us to the expo:

As we entered the expo we were greeted by the delicious and colorful table for Montellio Cakes, later on we went back when they were giving out samples and I had a piece of vanilla cake with white butter cream frosting and the filling was strawberries and Grand Mariner, which was delicious!!!

 There were so many vendors there ranging from limos to wedding cakes, couture bridal gowns, and so much more that I didn't know where to begin. Here are a few highlights from the event including seeing Billy Costa from KISS 108FM, who hosted the event:

Then my maid of honor Steph and I decided we wanted to see how we both looked holding wedding bouquets and I think we both looked so pretty :-) I have to tell you thought while I was holding on of those bridal bouquets at the expo I couldn't get over how heavy they are, but there were beautiful!

One of my favorite parts of the bridal expo was the Bridal VIP suite, it was so amazing in there! There were Vera Wang gowns to try on, they were giving free hair and makeup trials for brides to-be, and the best part there were giving out free massages! They also served drinks and some delectable treats like chocolate covered strawberries, we definitely had a blast in the VIP suite!

As the day wore down we headed over to the Battle of the Cakes competition, which Billy Costa was hosting as well. There were 5 teams from different bakeries around the Boston Area competing to get there wedding cakes on the cover of the next issue of Boston Brides magazine. After the cakes were completed we looked around at them and these two cakes stuck out to us, but I absolutely loved the Cinderella cake, which I feel should have won, but alas it did not.

Overall it was a fantastic wedding expo, in a beautiful location, and I had a fun girl's day out with Steph and Veronica. I would definitely recommend if you are getting married in the near future and need some help or need to get ideas, then the Simply Elegant Platinum Wedding Expo is the perfect wedding expo to go see.

Happy Weddings!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Countdown to the Simply Elegant Platinum Wedding Expo 6 days to go!

Hello my fellow brides!

I'm getting so excited for this upcoming weekend and the Simply Elegant Platinum Wedding Expo July 11th in Boston, MA! I received my official ticket in the mail Friday and I am looking forward to checking out all these wonderful vendors and indulging in the VIP bridal room among other events going on at the wedding expo. Also one of my bridesmaids Veronica is joining me and my maid of honor Steph for the Boston excursion. It's going to be a fun girl's day in Boston and I can't wait!

If you want to check out the wedding expo site please click on the link below:

Happy Weddings!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Upcoming Bridal Expo: Platnium Wedding Expo Boston, MA

Hello to all my fellow brides!

I apologize for not updating for awhile, but not too much has been going on with wedding planning right now. There are a few details as of late to share with you all and a brief description of the upcoming bridal expo I'm attending in Boston.

  • So my church is not sure that they can marry us on the date that we want, which is March 26, 2011 because it falls during Lent. I really would like to have that date but its going to be tough to convince them otherwise so I may have to move it to April instead.
  • I have my color scheme for my wedding which is going to be as follows: primary colors (lavendar & ocean blue) and accent color of silver.
  • And finally I'm attending a bridal expo in Boston, MA on July 11th its called the Platnium Wedding Expo at the Seaport World Trade Center. This is the bridal expo of the year its going to be amazing with over 400 vendors,  VIP bride and groom lounges, Battle of the Bridal Cakes, and Billy Costa from KISS 108 FM will be co-hosting the festivites. It's going to be a blast and my maid of honor Steph is going with me!
Next time I will be giving my review about the Platnium Wedding Expo and giving the highlights and also pictures!!!!

Happy Weddings!!!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wayside Inn Bridal Show March 21, 2010

So my fiance Matt and I went to the Longfellow Wayside Inn in Sudbury, MA this past weekend for a bridal show. We were so excited to be going because we have never been inside any of the buildings and we were intrigued to see what the inside of the Wayside Inn looked like. We checked in and received our bag to put all the information and samples that we would be getting from the vendors. So we walked into the main area of the inn and was told which areas were for the bridal event. So we got out the camera and prepared to ask a lot of questions to vendors.

So first off, I have to tell you the Wayside Inn is absoultely beautiful and very romantic and it made me get even more into the wedding spirit :-) Our first stop was with the company The Frugal Flower, who had set up a beautiful table display of different flowers and how a head table for the wedding party would look. It was absolutely breathtaking I took several pictures (see below)

As we were walking around we saw several girls in different corners of the rooms wearing wedding dresses and the dresses were gorgeous! So many beautiful designs, beading, and lace I wish I could take them all home but alas out of my price range but nice to get ideas for whichever wedding dress I do decide to wear.

I have to say one of my favorite parts of the bridal event was seeing all the amazing flower centerpieces and displays. I did find a few spring centerpieces that I liked including some really beautiful purple arrangements, I absoultely love flowers! I definitely have some ideas for what kinds of centerpieces I would like on my tables.

Then we stopped over at Bella Cakes, which is based out of Marlboro, MA to enjoy some cupcake cake samples and we tried two different choices. The first sample was a buttercream cupcake with raseberry filling and it was delicious! Then the second sample , which I liked but Matt was not loving it was an espersso buttercream with pineapple filling. It had a very unique taste and I enjoyed how creamy and smooth the frosting tasted as I ate the cupcake. I also got a picture of their display cake that they brought and all I can say is Holy Coconut!

Overall it was a great bridal show, we didn't attend the fashion show because it was too crowded in the church where they were hosting it. We picked up some great information for our wedding and we even got discount coupons even thought our wedding is not until 2011. If you have the chance to attended this bridal show the next time they host it, I strongly recommended that you go it will be worth every penny.

Next time I will be discussing spring wedding colors and which ones I've decided to go with for my wedding!

Happy Weddings!


Friday, March 19, 2010

The Beginning of the Greatest Adventure-Love & Marriage

I'm a romantic at heart and I just love everything about romance from romantic movies, Valentine's Day, flowers, you name it I just ooze romance. So the day I got engaged to my amazing boyfriend I knew I wanted to have the most romantic wedding ever and that's where this blog comes in. I will be chronicling my journey from the proposal to the "I Do" and then some. I will take you on an in depth look of my wedding and now that my fiance and I have finalized our wedding date, let the planning begin!!!

Our wedding date: March 26, 2011

Next time on our Adventures in Weddingland I will post about the Wayside Inn Bridal & Fashion Show that my fiance and I are attending this Sunday, March 21st in Sudbury, MA.

Happy Weddings!!!